What Is Imago?

The question begs to be asked: What is Imago?—and for that there is no single answer. Certainly an entomologist would tell you that it is the last stage of development of an insect. That imago is the point at which an insect—a butterfly in our case— has emerged from its pupa, can spread it’s fully ripened wings and take to the air. For the Imago Manufacturing family, the word has a similar meaning— one of development and progress—and a parallel sequence of events— from infancy to maturity— but the metamorphosis is far more intense. We have not just found our wings and intend to take flight. We aim to soar.

Our company, Imago Manufacturing, began in our spirits. While becoming wrapped up in the world of schooling, apprenticeships and working for others, we felt an inescapable tugging at our souls. A call to tear free from the cloak and surface not only with experience and knowledge but also with a new way of thinking—a lean way that wastes not and wants not, only delivers with precision and integrity. Like the butterfly broken free from its cocoon, who feels the sun on it’s back for the very first time and spreads it’s splendid wings, we at Imago Manufacturing began our journey armed with the skills to change our corner of the world and any who enter. So we invite you to take flight with us—give in to your urge to hasten yourself to the stars and rocket. Join the (r)evolution!