Mill/Turn Machining Services

Mill/Turn…..This is where things get interesting and where Imago Manufacturing truly shines. While a lathe makes round parts from bar stock and a mill makes complex shapes out of six-sided material, our Mill/Turn machining services operation is where we combine the two to make parts out of round stock using both milling and turning on one machine. This allows us to create the most intricate products in one machining operation. Our mill/turn lathes combine the full capabilities of a CNC lathe with the milling ability of a four-axis machining center. This allows us to think outside the box by taking parts traditionally made in a mill and using the advantages of bar-feeding and live tooling to mass produce them in one shot on a lathe. Translation—your part is finished on one machine with one set-up ensuring increased precision and quality. It’s also faster and saves you money. See our Equipment page for a downloadable comprehensive list of our CNC bar-fed and chucking lathes and mill/turn machining services.