Firearms Parts Machining

Are you looking for a dependable firearms parts machining supplier for your production gun and optics components? With years of experience serving the OEM and aftermarket Firearms Industry, Imago Manufacturing routinely produces tight tolerances and fine, burr-free finishes in high volume runs of up to 25,000 pieces per run. Do you need 5,000 firearms parts every month? No problem– the crew at Imago Manufacturing can harness the power of lights-out unattended machining to run your firearm parts 24/7. Using your 3-D model with our latest version of Mastercam, we can seamlessly transition from concept to finished part. Our comprehensive firearms parts machining experience with materials such as Aluminum 6061, 2024, 2011, Titanium, Stainless 304, 303, 316 and Carbon and Alloy Steels enables us to meet any manufacturing challenge in the Firearms Industry.  Reliable ISO 9001:2015 certified quality, industry specific experience and top of the line machine tools make us a trusted supplier of your precision firearms machining needs. 

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6061 Aluminum Cap for the Rifle Scope Industry

Types of firearm components manufactured by Imago:

  • Clicker cores
  • Retaining plates
  • Charging levers
  • Serrated clicker rings
  • Lock rings
  • Adjustment knobs
  • Optics housings
  • Reloading equipment