Imago Manufacturing Invests in New Okuma

Okuma LB4000EXIIBBM/750

Imago Manufacturing is pleased to announce the latest addition to the (r)evolution of precision machining. We partnered with a very good customer to bring the large work envelope (16.93” diameter x 29.52” length) CNC turn/mill capabilities of the Okuma LB4000EXIIBBM/750 to the Imago shop floor. This machine is equipped with an 18” chuck, C-axis live tooling with 2 Z-axis and 2 X-axis live tool holders, fully programmable tailstock, and bar feeding up to 4″. We also purchased a tooling certificate from Sandvik Coromant to load up the turret with the finest tooling money can buy. Stay tuned to the Imago Manufacturing Instagram account for updates.