X-Ray/Medical Parts Machining

Imago Manufacturing was founded with the support and confidence of our X-Ray/Medical customers. When it comes to X-Ray/Medical parts machining and your X-Ray/Medical parts require tight tolerances, the machinists at Imago have the experience and skill to make the precise parts you need.  Using your 3-D model with our Mastercam programming software, we can seamlessly transition from concept to finished part.  Our vast X-Ray/Medical parts machining experience with industry specific materials such as Kovar, Nickel 200, 304 VAR Stainless Steel, Titanium, Oxygen-Free Copper, Delrin and Polycarbonate Plastic, Inconel and other difficult-to-machine Super Alloys enables us to meet any manufacturing challenge in the X-Ray/Medical Industry.  Reliable ISO 9001:2015 certified quality, in-depth material sourcing knowledge and top-of-the-line machine tools make us a trusted supplier for your precision machining needs. 

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Nickel 200 Cathode and Shield assembly for the X-ray Industry

Types of X-Ray/Medical components manufactured by Imago:

  • Anodes
  • Cathodes
  • Flanges
  • Shields
  • Heatsinks
  • Manifolds
  • Tools
  • Plates
  • Fasteners