Imago Manufacturing Goes Solar

Imago Manufacturing’s solar journey began in late 2019 with an idea.  We knew that the installation of solar panels would benefit the environment and our business, but it seemed like a daunting task.  In accordance with the Imago brand, we made our dreams a reality and in early 2020, our panels were installed with the help of GRNE Solar.  Our expansive solar array is made up of 118 panels that produce 46.86 kWp of power, which is approximately 105% of our average yearly power.  The solar panel system is self-sufficient and relies solely on sunlight to produce our power (the amount of which can vary greatly in Illinois weather).  We are incredibly proud of our decision to go solar, as it will reduce our carbon footprint for the foreseeable future, a decision that is becoming increasingly important as the planet changes.  In addition to reducing our environmental impact, Imago also chose to go solar because we pride our company on always being on the cutting-edge.  Whether it’s new machines, new techniques, or new energy, we have always strived to set ourselves apart, and we believe that being solar-powered is just the beginning. 

Full Utility Coverage:
• 46.86 kW system size
• 64,833 kWh est. year 1 production
• Current average usage (est): 64,569 kWh
• 105% electrical offset

Equipment Overview:
• 118 Talesun Solar Panels
• SolarEdge Inverter System
• 24/7 live monitoring